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Nassau, Bahamas newest Party Bus to hit the scenes for a Funtastic occasion.

2018 – With Funtastic Bus Rides, we have an amazing team comprised of people who are confident in their abilities and passionate about their work, which makes them excellent drivers to have and easygoing to work with on your end. Our drivers are extensively trained in safety procedures and have all the necessary licenses, all for your safety. They know all the little ins and outs of the city, making for a totally customizable itinerary if you choose.

We’re totally and completely confident that we provide the best party bus rental services, bar none. Our bus and employees are held to the highest standards so you can benefit. The bus is fully insured to the maximum extent for extra added peace of mind. You can’t go wrong when you book a party bus event with us. Check available dates or email today for a package quote!


We really had a blast. The drinks and hostess were funtastic. We appreciate you being prompt and creative, God bless your company.

Sarah and Thomas Adams
Sarah and Thomas Adams, NC